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Updates : Shirley currently only takes online patients for herbal consultations. To understand how online consultation works, please click here.    Shirley is a registered Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner and Pharmacist in Australia.  Her father is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner in Malaysia with over 40 years of experience. She grew up in his clinic [...]

Cost & Payment

Cost Initial or long consultation (45 mins) $110 Follow-up consultations (30 mins) $80 **Email support is available throughout your treatment time. ——————————————————– Note 1: If you never see Shirley before, you will need an initial consultation (45 minutes). After the initial long consultation, only shorter follow-up consultations (30 minutes) are required as Shirley already establishes [...]

Women’s Health & Gynaecology

Many women assume symptoms that they have been living with for a long time are part of their ‘normal’ cycles. This isn’t true. Your health can improve. Together we can understand what lies at the root of your symptoms, and co-create a personalized wellness plan to return your body to its natural, healthy rhythms.