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Consultations & Treatments – What to Expect?

What to avoid before session?
What to prepare prior to first consultation?
First Consultation – What should I expect?
What happen after the initial consultation?
How and where do I get my herbs?
How often do I need to come for a consultation?

What to avoid before session ?

Avoid eating food with strong colours prior to consultation for a more accurate tongue observation.

What to prepare prior to first consultation?

A ‘Patient Details and Informed Consent Form‘ is to be completed prior to your first consultation. Please click here to go to fill in the form and submit it to Shirley. Thank you for your time.

In addition to that, please prepare the following : –

  • Your medication and/or supplement list – if you don’t have a complete list or unsure what you are taking, please feel free to bring all of them in front of Skype video and show them to Shirley during your first consultation. This will give Shirley a full picture of what medication you are taking, and help determining which herbal treatment is best suited you.

With a background in Pharmacy, she is very happy to give you more information on your medication too if time is permitted.

  • Any copies of Western medicine exam results if available – it is always helpful if you could email Shirley these results prior to consult, so she will have more understanding of your conditions. Also, she can keep these exam results in file for proper documentation. However, if the hardcopy is not handy and you are clear about them, you can just report the results without emailing the hardcopy.
  • Your diary with dates of recent menstrual cycles – regardless if you are coming for gynaecological disorder treatment, all female clients are encouraged to bring your menstrual cycles diary. In TCM, menstrual cycles pattern will give us more understanding of your inner functioning.
  • Your diary with or notes of recent bowel patterns or diet changes if any – for clients who come in for digestive disorders treatment, please start to note down your bowel pattern (including colour, time of the day, trigger factors, odour etc), and/or any recent diet changes. These notes will give us some ideas of the underlying causes of the disorders.

First Consultation – What should I expect?

Your first consultation will take approximately 60 minutes. During this time, we will discuss your personal medical history as well as your lifestyle.

I will gather information on your current state of health and mindset. I will inspect your tongue and feel your pulse which will indicate your body’s internal conditions. I will address all your concerns and answer any questions you may have.

I will prescribe an individualised herbal prescription formulated specifically for you and your body’s current state. I will explain to you how the herbs work, what they do, possible adverse effects (most likely none, if any, only minor and minimal), how to take the herbs and etc. Herbs will aim to improve various aspects of your physical and emotional health.  Lifestyle and dietary advices will be suggested since good health is all encompassing.

We believe everyone is unique, so every consultation will be personalised. Together, we will address any concerns you may have on your wellness and mind.

Based on the diagnosis, I will also discuss a treatment plan with you during the first consultation. A treatment plan will give you an idea as to the possible length of treatment, frequency or numbers of consultations required, and recommendations on lifestyles and dietary modifications.

A treatment plan is important for both me and you, so we both have an understanding of the treatment goals and possible progresses, approximate time frame, cost and what is involved.

What happen after the initial consultation ?

Unlike pharmaceutical medication with possible strong side effects, Chinese Herbal Medicine tends to take a more balanced and gradual approach. We try looking at root causes rather than eliminating just the symptoms.

Follow up consultations are approximately half an hour. We will ask you about progress and improvements, check on signs and symptoms after the herbal treatment. Are the preparation of herbal formulas and dietary advices fitting with your lifestyle? Are you feeling better in general?

We will assess your body responses to your prescribed treatment and then alter the formulas accordingly.

How and where do I get my herbs?

Your herbs will be prepared and dispensed by a registered online Chinese Herbal dispensary. Herbs will then be posted by the dispensary directly to your home. So, please ensure you give Shirley your preferred mailing address accurately.

Herbs will be posted via regular post, postage fee will be covered by Shirley. Herbs should arrive within 2-5 business days. Usually, if without interruption of public holidays or any other unforeseeable events, post will arrive reasonably fast (within 2 days)

However, if you preferred a guaranteed quick arrival of your hers, express post is available, however, extra charges of $6 is required.

Herbs are packaged in a way that can be dropped off at your mail box, reducing the need for inconvenient trips to the post office.

How often do I need to come for a consultation ?

It depends on the condition being treated and the severity of the condition. In most cases, once a week or once every two weeks consultation for the first 3 – 4 weeks are required. Frequent consultations in the early treatment are to check on the responses to the herbs and to monitor progress. Once signs of improvement have been observed, and herbal treatment is more established, consultations may be 2-4 weeks apart.

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