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Chinese Herbs Cooking Instructions & Drinking Tips

Chinese Herbal Medicine - What Conditions Can Chinese Herbal Medicine Treat?

Cooking herbs is part of the healing !

We understand most of us have very busy lifestyle and many other commitments. Taking time to cook herbs is indeed not easy. Maybe we can think of it this way – every two days, you give yourself a two hour session to take care of yourself. We tend to running around for other people, yet rarely give times to ourselves. See this as ‘ME’ time, time to nurture your health, both physically and emotionally. Although the smell of the herbs is not the b­est smell in the world, it is quite therapeutic. Both cooking and aroma of the herbs are parts of the healing !

Preparation of Chinese Herbal Medicine Decoction

Instructions for preparation of your herbs: –

1. Place one pack of herbs in a clay pot or stainless steel pot (non-aluminium), add about 3 large cups of hot water (or enough to cover herbs for larger packets) and soak for approximately 10- 15 minutes.

2. Bring the mixture to boil. Then reduce to a low flame allowing the herbs to simmer slowly, with the lid slightly ajar for approximately 45-60 minutes or until reduced to one third.

(Note : Electric burners tend to adjust the heat automatically. Sometime heat is automatically reduced to too low that is no longer simmering. So, it is a good idea to check the herbs once in a while, ensuring they are still simmering or are not burnt.)

3. Drain the liquid in a large bowl or container and set aside. Do not discard the herbs in the pot.

4. Add 2 cups (or enough to cover herbs for larger packets) of boiling water to the herbs already in the pot.

5. Simmer slowly with the lid slightly ajar for approximately 45 minutes or until the liquid is reduced to half.

6. Drain the liquid into the previous bowl/container. Lightly stir the mixture for a more even concentration. Let it sit for 10 minutes or so, then divide herbal liquid into two cups.

7. Drink one cup of warm herbal decoction once a day, HALF to ONE hour after dinner.

(Note: the other cup can be kept in the fridge, and warm it back up before drinking the next day. Or you can keep the warm liquid in a thermos immediately after cooking, and drink warm the next day.

Drinking Herbal Decoction

The herbal decoction doesn’t taste good, for some it tastes really bad !


  • It is recommended to hold your nose ( we mean it !) when drinking the herbs, and keep holding it until you wash out your mouth with water or eat something small like a biscuit or a piece of fruit. All our herbal packs come with complimentary Chinese plum candies to help you clear the bitter taste in the mouth too.
  • Don’t force yourself with a larger volumn than you feel comfortable with. You can divide your daily dosage to smaller doses, and drink when whenever you feel comfortable within the same day.
  • Before drinking the herbal liquid, first let the liquid sit for 10-15 minutes, allowing the sediments to settle at the bottom. Don’t stir it up before drinking, just drink the clearer liquid above the sediment.

It maybe hard to begin with, you will slowly get used to the taste !

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