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Taking Chinese Herbs

What are Chinese Herbs? Are they safe?

More than 90% of CHM are of plant-derived, the reminder comprised of small amount of minerals, and in some cases, animal or marine extracts. I mainly prescribe plant-derived herbs, or minerals. In rare cases when any animal extracts needed to be used, I will discuss thoroughly with you before prescribing, and will find alternative formulations to suit your lifestyle or beliefs.

CHM are very safe, natural and non-addictive with minimal to no side effects. Only High quality herbs are used in my practice. With my background in pharmacy, I will tailor the herbal treatment to compliment any conventional medication that you are taking. This will avoid any unwanted side effects between the herb formula and medication.


How do I take Chinese Herbs?

Generally, there are THREE types of Chinese Herbs / Herbal products.

  • Raw Dried Herbs – Boil and cook the herbal mixture in an earthware pot, then drink the herbal decoction/liquid. Instructions and tips on how to cook and drink herbal decoction are detailed in this article. Herbal decoction usually only need to be taken once a day.
  • Granulated Powders – Dissolve the powder in a glass of warm water, then drink the mixture. Unfortunately, most powders can’t dissolve fully in water. One suggestion is to try stirring the powder well before drinking. Powders are usually given once to twice a day.
  • Pills or Tincture – These forms are what most people more familiar with. Instructions and dosages vary depending on conditions or pills/tincture prescribed. One important note is, pills are to be taken at a ‘much larger’ dose (eg 10-15 pills twice a day) than the usual dose of pharmaceutical medication. Please don’t be alarmed of the ‘larger’ doses, it is a very common practice in Chinese Herbal Medicine. Unlike pharmaceutical medications, those pills are not powerful or highly concentrated chemicals, they are simply plants. Hence,  larger doses are required for effective treatment.


Do you use endangered species?

Please be rest assured that NO endanger species are used in my practice.


Do Chinese Herbs have side effects ?

Compared to pharmaceutical medications, Chinese Herbs have minimal to no side effects. In some instances, minor side effects of certain herbs can be avoided through careful formulation of the herbal treatment. If any side effects are suspected, Shirley will advise you and provide appropriate counseling on how to avoid it, could be through taking it different time of the days, or taking it before or after meals.

However, it is still utmost important to tell Shirley if you have any health conditions, especially in cases of kidney or liver dysfunction, allergies, heart problems, pregnancy or planning to get pregnancy. Certain herbs are not recommended or contraindicated in the above conditions. Shirley will take into consideration based on the information you provided to formulate a most suited prescription for you.

It is encouraged to always monitor your responses to the herbs. Note down any improvement of symptoms or any kind of effects regardless of how minor they are. So, we can discuss during your next appointment, and Shirley will be able to adjust the prescription more accurately.


What do I do if I experience an unexpected side effects?

If you experience an unexpected responses or side effects from the herbs prescribed, STOP taking the herbs, and contact me on 0422 679 390for further advices.