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Length of Treatment

How long do I need to take Chinese Herbs for ?

The length of overall treatment will depend on your condition being treated, severity and chronicity of that condition, your body’s acceptance and responses to the Chinese Herbal Medicine, as well as your age, general health and constitution.

In some mild cases, you may see improvements in two to three weeks. In chronic conditions, it may take at least two to four months to see actual benefits. The more chronic the condition is, the longer course of treatment is required. A general rule of thumb is, ‘one year of illness will need (at least) one month of treatment’. Shirley will discuss your treatment plan with you on your first visit.

As for fertility treatment (including preconception care or pre-IVF support), it is best to take herbs for minimum of three menstrual cycles for women, and three months for men. For clients who have an underlying infertility causes (eg endometriosis) that haven’t been or can’t be treated by conventional medicine, it may take 6-12 months. This is because the underlying causes have to be addressed and treated first, before we move on to enhance fertility.

Overall, it will take longer than you are used to (compared with pharmaceutical medication) since it is a more deep rooted process. This time will allow the Chinese Herbs to restore the balance, and help the organ systems to return to its normal functioning. This time will ensure the body is adequately nourished by the herbs in order to generate more Qi (Energy), Blood or Body Fluid for better health. The whole process letting your body heal properly and holistically.

Once satisfactory improvements have been observed, you may not need to take the herbs as often or doses can be reduced. Then you can switch to more convenient herbal products (eg pills or tincture) for another month or two, or only periodically . This stage is to consolidate the body, and to prevent the condition from relapsing.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is not a magical cure.  We are very used to  the fast and direct effect of  Western Medicine treatment. Yet, unfortunately, we develop this ‘false’ expectation that health can come about quickly. With Chinese Medicine, it is unwise and unreasonable to expect instant results or demand quick recovery especially if you have suffered the condition for a long time. Better health needs time, patience, and a little more effort to nurture it. When combine with appropriate diet, adequate exercise, better management of stress and emotions, and follow advices given by Shirley, you will surely see overall improvements.

Your commitment to the treatment is as important as the treatment, your personal responsibility for your own health is as important if not more important than the practitioner’s treatment.


Can I continue with treatment even if I’m not sick anymore?

Of course! Once your illness has resolved, you can maintain and enhance your health and prevent reoccurrance by having regular maintenance visits. Prevention is the key in Chinese Medicine. With regular treatment, Shirley can resolve minor imbalances and prevent serious illness.