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Cost & Payment


Initial or long consultation (60 mins) $70
Follow-up consultations (30 mins) $50

**Unlimited email support is available throughout your treatment time.


Note 1: If you never see Shirley before, you will need an initial consultation (60 minutes). After the initial long consultation, only shorter follow-up consultations (30 minutes) are required as Shirley already establishes a Chinese Medicine diagnosis for you and know your overall health well.

Note 2: If you have seen Shirley before but the last consult is more than 6 months ago, please book a long consult because your health status or signs/symptoms might be quite different due to the long gap between consultations.

Note 3: If you have seen Shirley before but want to come back for a completely different health concern, please book a long consultation. For example, if you see Shirley for menstrual pain initially and your menstrual pain has been vastly improved since. Then 3 months after, you want to see Shirley for dizziness. Since they are totally different health issues, a long consult is required to establish a new Chinese Medicine diagnosis for a more targeted new herbal prescription.


Herbal Medicines are at additional cost
Approximate cost per week :
– Granulated Herbs $47-$62

Health fund rebate maybe available. Please check at the time of your booking.

Please note that all prices are subject to change without prior notice. Please confirm prices at the time of your booking.