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Shirley’s Approaches

Caring and Safe environment

Shirley sincerely listens to your concerns and needs. She tries to create a warm, friendly, tranquil environment where you will feel supported and encouraged on your journey to better and holistic health. She strives towards making you feel calm, relaxed and balanced.

Personalised and Individualised

Shirley individualises each herbal prescription and treatment specially for you, and specific for your current state of health. She views your body as a whole, not just a set of symptoms. Chinese Herbal Medicine aims to treat the root cause of the problem and to strengthen the organs involved. Treating the person, but not just the disease is her main goal.

Holistic and Preventative

Shirley integrates all her skills and training over the years, to give you a holistic treatment. Personalised patient care, wellness, health prevention and early intervention of chronic diseases are her focuses. While Chinese Herbal Medicine is the main treatment, Shirley may also incorporate : –

  • Lifestyle and dietary advices – enabling you to take control of your own health, and to prevent future problems.
  • Basic Counseling – with some training in counseling skills, Shirley may give some basic counseling. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes emotion is one of the major causes of most illnesses and imbalance in health. Knowing where it comes from, learn how to manage them, and with the support of herbal treatment, can lead to more harmonies in mind, body and soul.

(Please note, in more severe cases of psychological conditions, clients will be referred to psychologist or professional counselor)

Integrative and Professional ( East & West )

With experiences in both Pharmacy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shirley understands the benefits and importance of integrating conventional and traditional medicine. With a deep respect for both traditions, Shirley believes wonderful results and best health care come from their integration.

  • Sharing the care with your doctors & pharmacists — To avoid herb drug interaction or interference with your current medical treatment, or to achieve best outcome, with your consent, Shirley is very happy to contact your doctors/pharmacist for discussion. With more than 10 years of working experiences as a registered Pharmacist in Australia, she understands how the conventional health system works. She is able to discuss your health concerns or medications with your GPs/specialists or pharmacists professionally, with the aims to work out an integrated treatment plan and monitoring process with them. This is especially important for clients who are also taking pharmaceutical medications or have other health conditions.
  • Conventional Medication Information and Counseling – Please feel free to bring your other medications to the consultation session. With a background in pharmacy, Shirley is very happy to provide more information on your medications, and aim to avoid any possible and unwanted side effects or drug-herb interaction.
  • Evidence Based Practice — Not only Shirley spends lots of time reading clinical trials and report released from the West, she also studies clinical trials released from TCM Universities and Hospitals in China. Shirley is fluent in Chinese, hence able to read Chinese’s latest trials which unfortunately haven’t been translated into English yet. Although these trials are not as high standards as those in the West, they are still very good point of references, especially some Chinese hospitals are very experienced in integrating both medicines. Shirley aims to combine ancient wisdom of TCM with the knowledge gained from the latest research to provide an evidence based practice.