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Fertility & Pregnancy Programme

Fertility and Chinese Herbal Medicine

Shirley provides treatment in a variety of health conditions and also has developed special interest in Fertility issues (female & male) and Women’s Health (Gynaecology). For following are the special services she provides for specific conditions : –

Natural Fertility (Female and Male)

natural fertility - chinese herbal medicine (sydney)To help men and women achieve their dream of parenthood, Shirley provides a range of treatment for
— unexplained infertility
— infertility with a known cause, and
— for women who have conceived before but have difficulties falling pregnant again.

Chinese Medicine is also an alternative to assisted reproduction treatment (eg IVF) for couples who simply prefer a more holistic approach or for couples who have multiple failed IVF attempts.

Chinese Herbal Medicine able to stimulate your body’s natural fertility cycle (eg promote ovulation, thickening the uterus lining), improve sperm health, and provide you with a renewed vitality.

With some training in counseling, Shirley will also help you to overcome emotional blocks you may have towards conception and pregnancy. Tips on lifestyle and diet modifications will be provided too.

IVF Preparation & IVF support

Shirely works with couples and singles undergoing IVF and other forms of assisted reproduction.

IVF treatment not only comes with a heavy drug regime, endless blood tests and scans can exhaust your body and ironically creating an favourable environment for baby.

Preparing your body three months before IVF with Chinese Herbal Medicine, able to boost your energy, to strengthen your body such that you can handle the side effects better and to support you through the stress and anxiety during the IVF cycles.

By taking a more holistic approach, you can increase your chances of pregnancy, and overall your IVF experience will be more positive. This will assist your body in maintaining your pregnancy in the first trimester too.

Miscarriage Prevention

Miscarriage is much more common than we thought, it is estimated that about 15 to 20% of known pregnancies will end in miscarriage. Sadly, of these women 1-2% may suffer from recurrent miscarriages. Although there are some figures suggest that it is age related ( eg IVF clients who are over 40 have higher chance of miscarriage), most find no underlying cause.

Chinese Medicine believes miscarriage mostly is caused by ‘Deficiency’ – mother’s body is too weak to carry the baby, or the ‘energy’ of the embryo is not strong enough to survive.

With thousands of years of experiences, Chinese Medicine doctors had documented many effective formula for miscarriage prevention.

Shirley provides treatment to gently strengthen the mother’s Qi and Blood, hence able to support and nourish the embryo. Specific lifestyle and diet changes advices will be given to increase the chance of full term and smooth delivery. For women with history of miscarriage, we recommend to start treatment at least three months before conception.

Preconception Care

preconception care - chinese herbal medicine (sydney)Conception is a complicated process – it depends on health of the egg and sperms, sperm’s ability to fertilise the egg, a healthy embryo and the ability of the embryo to implant in the uterus. Falling pregnant is only the beginning. Your bodies need to be at top condition to stay pregnant healthily to full term, to ensure a smooth delivery and a nourishing environment for baby during pregnancy and beyond

The goal of Chinese Medicine Preconception Care is to bring your bodies to optimal health in preparation for conception and pregnancy.

For couples who are constantly under stress, or women who has irregular or painful periods, or PMT, preconception care will increase your chance of getting pregnant.

Preconception best commences 3-6 months prior to conceiving. For couples who have known health issues, 12 months preparation is recommended.

Postpartum Recovery Care

Chinese Herbal Medicine for fertilityAfter giving birth, it is only natural the focus is on the baby. However, mother who has just gone through labour (and labour is tough!) is equally deserved for full attention.

In Chinese Medicine, Postpartum Care is as important as care during pregnancy. Shirley has developed a postpartum care plan to nourish your body and to support you to recover from delivery quickly and fully.

Shirley also treats any postpartum difficulties, including insufficient or excessive lactation, lochia retention, fever, generalised body or joint aches, vaginal bleeding, difficulties in urination, abdominal pain, constipation, anaemia etc.

When mother is well taken care of after delivery, many long term health problems and negative impact on the next conception can be prevented.

Post Miscarriage Care

Miscarriage can be an extremely emotional and heartbreaking time for women and the families. Sometimes, no matter how much we try, miscarriage still could happen, it is like the right thing for the body to do. What important is, the care for the mother after the event. Unfortunately, medically, miscarriage is considered a minor event not requiring professional monitoring.

Many miscarriages happen at home, most women are not well informed on what to do, and how to care for herself after miscarriage. Even women who required D&C, would be sent home with little advices.

Shirley provides post miscarriage care and can help to clear the blood clots and dead tissues with Chinese Herbal Medicine. If all the dead tissues have passed and miscarriage is considered complete (either by D&C or scan), but your period has not resumed after 6-7 weeks, or you start to suffer from irregular menstruation, period pain or tiredness, or you simply feel your health is no longer quite the same, this is when Chinese Herbal Medicine can be very beneficial too.





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