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Patient Details and Informed Consent Form

For new patient, please fill the following ‘Patient Details and Informed Consent’ Form prior to your first online consultation.

Please read the following carefully before filling the form. Please feel free to contact Shirley if any concerns or questions.


Informed Consent

Chinese Herbal Medicine and therapies offered by Shirley have a long history of safe practice, however, there are always some risks associated with any sort of treatment.

Below is a list of potential risks associated with therapies offered by Shirley. The best way to reduce the chance of risk occurring is to answer all questions about your health fully and honestly. We will explain all treatment to you before we commence them but you must ask if you require further explanation or have specific questions.

 Therapy Outline of possible risk  Strategies to minimise the possible risk
 Chinese Herbal Medicine Drug Herb Interactions  It is important to tell Shirley about all medications and herbal or nutritional products that you are currently taking or recently stopped.
 Chinese Herbal Medicine  Allergies  It is important to tell Shirley any form of allergies (mild or severe) you ever experienced or suspected.
 Basic Counselling  Feeling emotional  It is important to tell Shirley how you feel. If emotions are too overwhelming, there might be a need for referral.


When you finish filling the form, please remember to ‘tick’ the last item to agree to under treatment. Once you submit this form, it indicates that you have read the above table, and will corporate with Shirley to take steps to minimise the potential risk.

Please be aware that the information collected in this form is required in order to provide you with appropriate and best health care services and failure to answer all questions will affect our ability to deliver these services to you. thank you for your time.

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