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Fertility & Pregnancy Programme

Fertility and Chinese Herbal Medicine

To helps men and women achieve their dream of parenthood, Shirley provides a range of treatments for fertility, as well as herbal support for IVF and postpartum recovery. She also developed a 3 months Preconception Care Program for couples who want to bring their bodies to optimal health before conception, and to prevent miscarriage.

Women’s Health & Gynaecological Treatment

Overview While there are not many solutions or options for gynaecological disorders in modern medicine, treating them with Chinese Herbal Medicine can be remarkably successful. Gynaecology has been practiced as a specialty area way back in the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Enormous amount of gynaecological knowledge, clinical practice and herbal formula  have been recorded, [...]

A Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner can assist you in a wide array of conditions, and aid in enhancing your overall health. We listed some examples of conditions that have been treated successfully or managing well with Chinese Herbal Medicine. If your conditions don’t appear in the list below, and would like to know if Chinese Herbal Medicine can help, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.