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Cost & Payment


Initial or long consultation (45 mins) $110
Follow-up consultations (30 mins) $80

**Email support is available throughout your treatment time.


Note 1: If you never see Shirley before, you will need an initial consultation (45 minutes). After the initial long consultation, only shorter follow-up consultations (30 minutes) are required as Shirley already establishes a Chinese Medicine diagnosis for you and knows your overall health well.

Note 2: If you have seen Shirley before but the last consult is more than 4 months ago, please book a long consult because your health status or signs/symptoms might be quite different due to the long gap between consultations.

Note 3: If you have seen Shirley before but want to come back for a completely different health concern, please book a long consultation. For example, if you see Shirley for menstrual pain initially and your menstrual pain has vastly improved since. Then 3 months after, you want to see Shirley for dizziness. Since they are totally different health issues, a long consult is required to establish a new Chinese Medicine diagnosis for a more targeted new herbal prescription.


Herbal Medicines are at an additional cost
Approximate cost per week :
– Granulated or raw herbs $50-$65

— Shipping fees – vary depending on the weight of the herb. The estimated fee is $10 for 1-2 weeks of herbs.

Please note that all prices are subject to change without prior notice. Please confirm prices at the time of your booking.


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